The Ultimate Hairdresser Nightmares

The Ultimate Hairdresser Nightmares

Just like any other relationship, the Hairdresser – Client relationship can sometimes be complex, or even thorny. We have often heard horror stories from clients who underwent undesirable transformations in the hands of their Stylists. Hairdressers have a difficult job of always trying to make their customers looks elegant, regardless of the condition of their hair. Sometimes, clients expect nothing short of a miracle from their Hairdresser, whereas their conduct at the hair salon is totally unbecoming. These impossible expectations sometimes lead to horrifying encounters between clients and their stylists.

Below, we discuss some of the major nightmares you are likely to experience in your career;

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  1. Unpleasant and Unprofessional Conversation

While you may do your best to keep all conversation pleasant and formal, a client may tempt you with intimate or controversial topics such as politics, religion, sex and romance, marital and relationship problems or finances. In other instances, the client or a colleague may be intertwined in salon gossip. These scenarios can be very challenging, as they will leave you torn between pleasing your client, and drawing a professional line.

  1. Rude Clients

You are likely to encounter a rude or outright mean client in the course of your career. This could be anything from demeaning personal remarks thrown directly at you or other clients, to customers who do not keep time for their appointments and still expect to fit in your schedule.

  1. Impossible Client Expectations

This scenario will be the most trying moment of your career. A client will come to you with a hair makeover idea that is in real sense a fantasy, considering their hair and facial features. Well, in such circumstances, it is important to remember that not even the most talented hair artist can change genetic disadvantages. It is not your responsibility to fulfill problematic client expectations; so be easy on yourself and never promise to deliver the impossible.

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  1. Drunk and Disorderly or Fatigued Clients

Truth be told, this combination of client traits will be a touchy time for you and your colleagues. You will find yourself torn between impeccable service delivery, and sometimes humorous situations when you have to serve a drunk client. In worse situations, a client could become unruly and unmanageable, or even pass out with partially processed hair. Now, that sounds like a nightmare. In our view, fatigued clients are a better lot as they will generally cooperate better, probably doze off and wake up when need be.

  1. Cost Disputes

Gaps in communication during bookings may lead to misunderstandings in pricing of services; in other instances, a client may dispute the quality of service offered versus the amount charges. Unfortunately, while some of these disagreements may be genuine, sometimes a client may opt to argue just so that they pay less that the rightful amount, citing poor service.

In conclusion, salon etiquette can be a tricky affair for hairdressers; sometimes, the client – stylist moods may simply clash. Ultimately, the Hairdresser has the duty of retaining happy clients and meeting their expectations to the best of their ability – sometimes, you may actually have to deliver a miracle.

I’ve been working as a hairdresser for more than ten years now. It’s one of the best jobs and one of the worst jobs in the world. I know that you could say that about every job in some ways, but I really do think that those of us who decided to cut hair for a living are in a very special place in that regard.

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